18 June, 2013

Looking For Group

For those of you who have no idea what I'm referring to, follow this link and prepare for a wonderful comic. The only thing I have against it is what I have against most of modern culture - the way women are dressed and represented. Other than that, it tells a wonderful tale full of quirky comments and both mimicry and mockery of the gaming culture in particular, and the general culture at large.

Looking For Group is a free online comic which is written by Ryan Sohmer and illustrated by Lar Desouea. It began back in 2006 and became so popular that they began planning for a movie. Keeping with its style, they wanted it to be comical, witty and to contain musical numbers, like a parody of traditional Disney-esque children's movies. One music video was released which can be found here on youtube.com.

They hoped to have a movie, at least in production by 2008. That didn't happen for various reasons, but they have since revised their plans and are working toward it again. No one appears to want to make their movie (at least not without taking control away from Ryan and Lar) so they've embarked upon producing the movie themselves.
They began a Kickstarter project to raise US$14,000 in order to complete their second musical number for the movie - the first step in getting the movie back on track. They called upon their fans and their fans replied with over US$130,000.
[Details: are here.]

The Kickstarter project has ended and my rewards for loyalty have arrived. I'd like to show them off.

First there's the thank you card for backing them:

Then there's a T-shirt that I couldn't say no to:

Then there's the reward I chose. The comic is not only free online, but it can also be purchased in beautifully coloured volumes. Every four or so volumes they also release as a hardback book. I have mine, and now await the releasing of the next four-volume hardback book:

Lastly, just to show off, I'd like to show the plushy that I had custom made for me by a company in South Africa.
[Detail: here or you can look up Plushie Heaven on Facebook]